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Numerous personal medical services are currently available with new ones added constantly. Life & accident, dental, vision, medical co-pay, long & short term disability, and prescription programs are all available at discounted rates - either through our national ABC Merit Choice Insurance, or one of our local Endorsed Associate insurance companies, such as Candos Agency.

Business general liability & workman's compensation programs are available at specially reduced rates provided a safety program is instituted. These provide reduced premiums and/or dividend payback programs, depending on the company chosen. Contact our office for details of current programs.

ABC offers members an environmental insurance program that will provide the contractors pollution liability coverage for construction and general contracting operations.

Employment practices/salting insurance is also available and provides and pays for legal defense teams to litigate cases brought against you by labor unions. Additionally it covers any awards against you even if your case is decided unfavorably from a salting viewpoint.

Outstanding 401(k), profit sharing, and executive retirement programs are also available through ABC. Credit union services, including all traditional bank type services, are offered to you on a discount basis, since credit unions have no income tax liability. These services include credit cards and ATM facilities usage. This is a great employee benefit at no cost to the employer and enrollment can be done at the member's place of business.

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