Davis-Bacon Act

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Davis-Bacon Act / Federal Prevailing Wage


The Davis-Bacon Act is an 80-year-old wage subsidy law administered and enforced by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) that mandates so-called “prevailing” wages for work performed on federally financed construction projects. Davis-Bacon hinders economic growth, increases the federal deficit, imposes enormous burdens that stifle contractor productivity, ignores skill differences for different jobs, and imposes rigid craft work rules.


• Repeal of the Davis-Bacon Act.
• Legislative and regulatory efforts designed to improve federal wage determinations and limit the negative impacts of DOL’s current policy.


• Unequal access to work opportunities. Davis-Bacon prevents many qualified small merit shop contractors from bidding on publicly funded projects.
• Waste, fraud and abuse. Davis-Bacon sets artificial wages and restricts competition, resulting in billions of dollars being unnecessarily added to the cost of public works projects.
• Expansion of the Davis-Bacon Act into areas of public and private projects in which it previously has not been mandated.

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