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Media Alert: Cook County Task Force meeting to discuss prevailing wage ordinance 18-1604

What:   The Task Force determined by the Cook County Board of Commissioners will meet for the second time this Monday, July 30th to discuss implementation of Ordinance 18-1604; This ordinance amendment passed on March 24th and requires any commercial or industrial property owner in Cook County who has a Property Tax Incentive to only use contractors who pay prevailing wages and have a United States Department Of Labor Office approved apprentice program for any work performed on the property.

Why:     Despite hundreds of testimonies and opposition from local contractors, associations, mayors, and property managers, the Cook County Board of Commissioners passed this ordinance and created a task force to aid in the implementation of this ordinance. The first task force meeting was held on July 11th and resulted in no changes to make it less burdensome for the contractors that perform work in these tax incentive districts.

The ordinance is so broad that simple maintenance such as minor plumbing repairs or annual checkups for heating and air conditioning requires a property owner to assure that the work is being completed by a contractor that pays the prevailing wage and that the contractor is participating in a USDOL approved apprenticeship program. These additional administrative burdens on private business for private property again diminish the value of the tax incentive. In some cases, the prevailing wage requirement can increase the labor cost of a project by 30%.


Monday, July 30, 2018
Meeting begins at 2PM

Cook County Admin Building
69 West Washington 22nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60602            

Elisa Fox