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In 2017, Southwest Painting & Decorating was selected by Charles Hall Construction to be the painting contractor for Aspired Senior Living—the 3-Story Senior Living Center located in Westmont, Illinois. The job included over 107 units, including 73 independent and assisted living apartments. The facility also includes dining rooms, activity rooms, a library, a chapel and outdoor walking paths.

Overall, Aspired Living project went smoothly, but it wasn’t without its challenges. The painting began in January of 2017 and ran through January of 2018. Since it was new construction, there was no remodel work. To us, this meant that it would be a very straightforward project. However, there were plenty of issues relating to schedule. Due to the weather, the project was continually delayed, and once we were finally able to begin, there were several other subcontractors working simultaneously. We found that we were jumping from floor to floor frequently, as the need arose. For example, we were priming the units on the first floor, when we were asked to move to the third floor so that the electrician could install fixtures throughout the first floor. These types of scenarios were happening on a daily basis, so the need for flexibility was crucial. Preparation was key. We kept stock of all materials on site, so that if we were shifted to another area within the facility, we knew that we didn’t have to worry about ordering material for the new location—because it was already available on site.

Because of the size of this job, we were able to relatively easily perform an analysis of production rates. This process involved timing each task to get a baseline for acceptable timeframes for each activity. For example, from start to finish, how long should it take a painter to paint both sides of a door and door frame? We took advantage of every application, from painting walls, ceilings and trim, installing wallcovering, painting masonry exterior substrates and spraying exposed ceilings, just to mention a few.

This project helped pioneer our Production Rate program. With these baselines in place, we are able to not only monitor the production of our employees under normal circumstances, but also estimate the cost and time it will take to complete individual tasks when we are in the bidding stages of a project. The ability to do this has such a positive impact on our company as a whole.

Despite the scheduling struggles, we’re proud of the work that we completed at Aspired Senior Living. We were able to overcome obstacles through preparation and coordination. What’s more, this project was a platform for pioneering one of our most important processes to date— our Production Rate program. This program has impacted our company greatly—both organizationally and financially.

Aspired Senior Living in Westmont proved to be not only one of our largest projects to date, but also one of the more interesting and enlightening, with respect to our processes. We’re proud to have contributed to the development of Aspired.