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CountryMark’s refinery was built in Mount Vernon, Indiana in 1940, shortly after a local gusher well  was discovered nearby. The farmer owners who built the 2,000 barrel‐per‐day refinery had a vision  of energy security and independence, and a commitment to manufacture high quality fuels that  would deliver value through power, performance and protection. 

Today, the CountryMark refinery processes 30,000 barrels of local crude oil per day, operating 24  hours per day, 365 days per year. The CountryMark refinery brings to the market 450 million gallons  of finished fuel products per year. CountryMark is proud to be a reliable supplier of market‐leading  energy products and services for farms, fleets and families in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and  Kentucky. 

CountryMark sources local crude from the Illinois Basin, which includes southern Illinois, southern  Indiana and western Kentucky. Transport trucks and a network of pipelines stretching 400 miles  bring local crude oil into the refinery. Local crude oil that is locally refined provides a dependable  source of domestic energy, which aides in domestic energy independence and security. 

Starcon had no experience at this facility until 2015. It was at that time Starcon successfully bid a  Crude and Vacuum unit project. This first project was followed by several successful turnarounds  and small capital projects placed momentum behind Starcon to grow our CountryMark relationship  to become a preferred contractor. 

The Major Turnaround was comprised of three units: HF Alky, FCC and Gas Con. The training sets  high expectations as much of the work is to be performed in acid gear and presents challenges with  high potential from head exhaustion and chemical exposure. 

Several key elements helped make this Major Turnaround successful. The partnering approach on  the front end between CountryMark and Starcon was a critical first step. Major Turnaround had  early involvement from all key participants, including timely issuance of the purchase order and  work scope freeze. There was relentless planning from project inception through completion.  Starcon’s innovative Risk Mitigation process helped set the stage for success included our  proprietary Readiness Review Process, which includes site specific safety plan, quality plan, staffing  plan, logistics, subcontract management, material management, document control and cost control.  CountryMark and Starcon were in complete alignment on goals and expectations and worked  together with full transparency and effective communication. 

Starcon mobilized to the site in April of 2017 to assist CountryMark in the planning stages for this  project. The Starcon team members that were assigned were Project manager Steve Procell,  Superintendent Terry Stone. The start date for execution was July 31, 2017 with a 119 day duration  for mechanical completion. The planned peak head count for this project was 178 Starcon team  members. 

On schedule, the Starcon craft team was mobilized to the site. During the project, Starcon  successfully executed 56 exchanger dismantles, cleaning and repairs, tower openings and blinding,  33 drum repairs, 86 valve change outs, pipe repair and replacement, along with boiler inspections  and repairs. In total, there were 1,658 weld packages and 1,150 linear feet of pipe replaced. 

In the face of HSE challenges that included substantial work at height, heavy equipment operation  with intricate rigging, and potential hazardous energy release, the Starcon team managed to  complete the project on‐time, under budget and with a TRIR of 0.00 over a total of 93,224 exposure  hours.  Another example of innovation on this project was Starcon’s customized site specific QC incident  prevention plan (QCIPP). This plan was built in accordance with Starcon’s SOPs. New plans, such as  this CountryMark specific one are developed based on results of incident investigations and  recognized best practices. All QCIPPs are constantly reviewed in routine project audits. Starcon’s  QA/QC system is built on principles of continual improvement with all incidents being tracked in our  NCR log. Great processes led to great results. This Major Turnaround met all of Starcon’s QA/QC  benchmarks and client satisfaction with a leak‐free startup. This first leak‐free startup in the history  of this facility! 

Another accolade from this project was Starcon receiving the American Fuel and Petrochemical  Manufacturers Association’s Contractor Achievement Award for our work in 2017. This was a site  specific award that recognized our outstanding safety and quality achievement. 

CountryMark gave Starcon their trust on this critical project. Starcon did not take this trust lightly,  recognizing that it is these types of opportunities that have built Starcon into the top‐tier contractor  it is today. 

Another project completed on time, under budget and most importantly with ZERO recordable  injury’s. The Major Turnaround is a great example of the partnership that we have with  CountryMark which has produced over three years with ZERO recordable injuries.