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The project required extensive interior and exterior demolition.  A wet, cool Spring further delayed the start of the new building envelope penetrations for new doors and windows. A new 6’x 12’ window opening above the front door required revised engineering because of existing structural lateral bracing that was discovered during demolition.

Another challenge was a material change made after framing. The car lift display is called the Jewel Box. Originally, the Jewel Box soffit wall finish was to be recycled wood. After framing, the wall finish was changed to ceramic tile. The recycled wood weighed in at about 500 lbs. The ceramic tile weighed over a ton. Additional support was required for the new load. Nothing could be added to the front of the wall because it was finished up to the underside of the roof deck. The back side of the wall was inaccessible because the area behind had a new drywall ceiling in place. Significant rework of the new framing was required.

During construction, an executive restroom was added to the scope. The sewer runs underneath the Parts Department. After locating the sewer and excavating, we had to tunnel under a grade beam. The grade beam supports a two-story CMU wall separating Parts from the Showroom.

Although the restroom had to be submitted for permit, no additional time was added to the schedule.

Part of the Mazda team is a firm by the name of Change Up. Change Up monitors construction to insure the Mazda brand integrity is maintained. Change Up is located in Chino, California. The time difference and work hours complicated communication. Long hours were required of team members to sort out existing condition challenges.

This project, like all others TEFCO Construction has undertaken in the past 30 years, had unique challenges. Those challenges were met and overcome by the determined team we assembled for this project. We are also fortunate to work with ownership that understands that even with careful planning, issues do arise that require adaptation.